More than a Bed and a Meal

Permanent solutions to homelessness are not easy or quick. We begin with a meal, but we don’t stop there. We build relationships by asking lots of questions. We build trust by doing what we say we are going to do. And we build custom exit strategies for each person to get out of homelessness for good.

Lives Transformed by Love

The road to healing and stability for someone living on the streets must include permanent housing, but more fundamentally, it must address the underlying causes of homelessness: the catastrophic breakdown of relationships with God, family, and community.

Homelessness in Dallas

Dallas has the largest homeless population of any city in the South.

On any given night in Dallas, 10,000 men, women, and children are experiencing homelessness. In our city there are people sleeping outside, in their cars, or under bridges.

9% are military veterans.

Being homeless at age 50 is like being 80 and living at home.

The homeless neighbors that we serve are young people who run away from home and elderly people facing terminal illness. They are families and single parents who’ve lost their jobs. They are victims of trafficking or fleeing domestic violence. Some struggle with addiction or mental health. Others have severe cognitive disabilities.

Make a Difference by Giving