Lend knowledge, not money

The OurCalling app provides an ample selection of homeless aiding tasks right at your fingertips—enabling you to help the homeless in a quick and effective way.

Key Features

Gain access to the most accurate database of service providers for the poor in Dallas, Texas.

Search over 200 resources by location, category and qualification(shelter, clinics, food, rehab, etc).

Report a camp location for the OurCalling Search and Rescue teams to visit.

View our volunteer calendar for opportunities to serve with OurCalling.

View a calendar for free meals in Dallas with details on locations, times and descriptions.

View multiple listings on a map or sort the list by distance from your location.


Why isn’t organization “X” in the list?

Even though we have been collecting information for years, we are certain we have left someone off of the list. Send us message using the form on our contact page.

Does your app index other cities?

We've spent years collecting lists of resources in our area and have dedicated staff to update the data. Although we are Dallas-based, we are currently working on a nationwide search feature. For more information please contact us.

Where can I give feedback?

If you have an idea for the app that you're itching to share with us, feel free to reach out via our contact page and let us know your thoughts.

What is the “Report” button for?

It allows you to snap a photo and send us the GPS coordinates of a location that you would like our Search & Rescue teams to visit. If you see a tent in the woods while out and about, send us the location and we will schedule a Search & Rescue.

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