What We Do

A simple solution to a complex problem.

Help for the homeless is in all of our hands.

The condition of homelessness afflicts thousands of people in our midst every day. At OurCalling, we believe that the path to a healthy and productive lifestyle should be open to everyone—but none of us finds that path alone.

The solution starts with us.

Over the course of a year, many people in Dallas County find themselves without a home. Whether as a result of mental illness, diminished opportunity, unfortunate life choices, or violence and trauma in their past, these individuals have lost hope, lost faith, and lost sight of their true path.

We want everyone to see that the chains of poverty and dysfunction that lead to homelessness can be broken through the love of God. With your help and support, a sustainable lifestyle is within reach for everyone.

It's about more than a bed and a meal.

Homelessness is a symptom of a deeper, broader problem. More than a sandwich and a blanket, the desperate and broken need hope and healing. They need a new way to live—a changed mind and a changed heart. Our vision is to help people discover the reasons for their condition and the emotional and material resources to live beyond their challenges.


Dallas can only offer a total of 2,500 shelter beds

... leaving ¾ of the homeless population to sleep outside.

At OurCalling, the friends we meet—under bridges, in shelters, and on the street—find more than the basics they need to get by for another day or another week. They find the friendship, encouragement, and motivation to take their first steps toward a new, more sustainable way of living—one guided by the light of Christ.

We want everyone to choose the path of change.

Our goal is that everyone affected by homelessness and poverty—whether they experience it themselves or witness its effects on those they pass in the street—will know that there is an alternative and will choose the path of change.

Lives transformed by love

We’ve learned through experience that authentic, loving relationships must be at the heart of every lasting transformation.

Our relationships with one another, our relationship to ourselves, and, most importantly, our relationship with God are the foundation on which we build our lives. At OurCalling, we work to help the homeless develop, heal, and strengthen the relationships that lead to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Our mission is to help homeless individuals develop a love for Christ by building long-term, heart-to-heart relationships. We have seen that these one-on-one relationships provide the accountability and encouragement necessary for life change and inspire the downtrodden to reinvest in their lives.


Too often, the circumstances and events that lead to homelessness rob individuals of their sense of self-worth and of their value as human beings. Through loving friendships, personal ministry, and recovery programs, we offer the homeless a path back to their true selves, empowering them to take back their lives from destructive habits and to end the cycle of hopelessness.

The Love of God

We believe that every human being naturally yearns for a relationship with his or her Creator. Without this relationship, we are left with a God-shaped hollow in our hearts. In today’s society, too many souls, unaware of the nature of this empty space, try to fill it with whatever is available to them - drugs, alcohol, sex, and other unhealthy affections and habits that lead them into cycles of hopelessness and self-destruction.

At OurCalling our goal is to help reintroduce lost souls to the love of God.

It is our conviction—and our experience—that a relationship with Jesus Christ can inspire every believer to a life of righteousness, integrity, accountability, character, and holiness and provide them with a guiding purpose.

Building blocks of positive living:

We reach out to the broken, disconnected, AND abandoned.

We find them where they live—in shelters, apartment complexes, coffee shops, under bridges, in remote camps, and parking lots in 1200+ locations in Dallas county—and help them build the bridges of faith and friendship that lead to a healthy and sustainable life.

Connecting People

The first action of OurCalling volunteers is to seek heart-to-heart connections with the homeless and needy of our city. We want each and every one of these new friends to know that they are recognized and appreciated, that they have not been forgotten.

Don’t fuel the problem.

Every day, compassionate people are confronted with the problem of homelessness, but are unsure how to help. Handing over some change may provide some temporary relief at best, but too often only feeds a cycle of substance abuse or other destructive behavior.

A solution at your fingertips

Using the OurCalling app, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can easily participate in a lasting solution by helping us to discover where need exists. With the tap of a finger, you can let us know when and where you met someone living on the street, or maybe noticed a homeless encampment on your way to work, so that our volunteers can seek out new friends and offer them a different choice.

We've created a directory of shelters, kitchens, clinics, and more where those without means can get the food, shelter, and medical care they need to step out of a state of emergency and into a place of safety where they can begin to consider the power of God’s love.

The directory is available digitally and through the OurCalling app, and can be ordered as a printed booklet for distribution. The booklet is small enough to keep in your car or bag as an offering to anyone looking for help and is a great way to offer tangible assistance without perpetuating destructive cycles.

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We recognize that the condition of homelessness is a complex one that must be addressed on many levels.  We work to make available to the friends we meet the resources they need—spiritual, material, and emotional—to build a solid foundation for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


  • Substance abuse recovery programs like AA and NA
  • Peer group meetings for women and men
  • Life skills training
  • Bible studies
  • One on one mentorship and ministry
  • Search & rescue missions to seek out friends in need
  • Resource distribution to meet basic material needs
Through a passionate network of volunteers and partners, we’re facilitating change that impacts lives.