Blankets come from the best people

A few weeks ago I received an email from David Timoth (the Soup man).

A group of women wanted to come downtown and pass out blankets that they had made themselves.

We have been passing out blankets for years, but this time was different. These ladies were so full of joy and it brought such a wonderful mood to the evening. They labored over these blankets and now had the opportunity to see the faces of those who would use them.

They were so excited and so were the homeless people that received them. I ran into the Day Resource Center to ask if anyone needed one and was amazed at the number of people who didn’t have anything besides what they were wearing.

It is such a blessing to see God’s people move to meet the needs of others. So often we come up with great ideas – that never see the light of day. We never have enough time or it would cost too much or they might not need it…. we have tons of excuses. But these women were called to make and give- and they did!

Praise God for them.