Care Placement Minister

The Ministry:

OurCalling is a discipleship ministry specifically focused on the homeless community and we operate an outreach center for the homeless near downtown Dallas. We are passionate about loving and helping the unsheltered homeless (our “Guests”) transition to better lives. We are a faith-based, discipleship ministry where every job is a ministry position. Each staff member should be able to clearly share the Gospel and communicate their own testimony. While everyone on the team wears multiple hats, our primary function is evangelism and discipleship. We want everything that we do to point to Jesus.

Position Summary:

We primarily serve the chronically, unsheltered homeless population. Our homeless friends, or guests (“Guests”), are survivors who have experienced vast amounts of trauma. We use resources, services and relationships to create opportunities for gospel centered conversations. We are careful in our interactions to demonstrate to our Guests and volunteers how to live out the truths of the gospel and let the love of Christ control our actions. This position, while ministry focused, is not like traditional church ministry, but deals with the “rawness” of life on the streets serving the role of advocate and case-worker. The Care Placement Minister (CPM) is responsible for identifying and developing relationships with homeless solutions service partners in our community (such as shelters, addiction recovery clinics, medical service providers, mental health services, etc.) and advocating on behalf of our Guests for their placement within the partner’s service umbrella. New-hire Ministers often start on a part-time basis.

Position Responsibilities:

  • As part of the Care Ministry team, develop relationships and utilize faith-based, community, and government service partners and resources (“Partners”) that are made available to our homeless Guests
  • Advise and advocate for homeless Guests who are navigating social services in Dallas, assisting the Care Minister to find placement for individuals, allowing the Care Minister to focus on relationship development
  • Determine eligibility of Guests for various Partner programs, develop and implement service plans, and monitor / report on Guest progress
  • Listening carefully to our Care Minister’s guidance for our Guests’ needs rather than simply suggesting solutions to problems, then determining what needs we are capable of meeting
  • Serve Guests at times, through crisis intervention and/or emotional de-escalation
  • Track and record placements through inhouse case management systems
  • As a part of the larger OurCalling team, periodically and as needed, help meet basic needs of food, showers, and clean clothing
  • Actively manage own, personal, self-care to remain fresh and strong as a minister to our Guests

Education and Experience:

  • A bachelor’s degree in counseling, social work, ministry or other similar degree programs is preferred
  • Three years of related “life” or ministry experience with homeless, preferred
  • Experience in pastoral care or casework and program placement with those struggling with homelessness, addiction, mental illness, abandonment, homelessness and poverty, desired

Skills and Abilities:

  • Because many of our Guests have been addicts for years or experience various levels of mental illness and trauma, Care Placement Ministers must
    • Be patient and longsuffering while showing discernment
    • Show grace to those who feel defeated by their own desires and cycles of destruction or are unable to articulate more than their frustration
    • Interact gently and with empathy as needed
    • Be able to emotionally reconcile when we are unable to make a successful placement
    • Be able to overlook or navigate through entitlement attitudes, demonstrating self-control; not easily offended
    • Be sensitive to cultural differences such as race, ethnicity, and neighborhoods of origin
  • Experience in social service-type case management serving a diverse set of Guest “clients”
  • Experience identifying social service providers and negotiating individual placements for each Guest who is seeking help. Ideally, experience working with many local social service providers is preferred, especially those dealing with homelessness
  • Care Placement Minister’s motivation to serve must be
    • A love for, and long-term commitment to support our Guests' journey out of homelessness and/addiction
    • A love for Jesus Christ and a desire to see His kingdom and glory increase
  • Must have a demonstrable track record of organization and prioritization skills, excellent communication skills, maturity, integrity, taking personal initiative, being flexible in a busy and fast-paced environment, and as a trusted team member, work effectively across the ministry
  • Able to lift boxes, drive a van, use an iPad to track case notes, willing to help Guests with human hygiene challenges if necessary
  • Must have a strong, personal self-care program, be able to set and manage healthy personal boundaries; Experience in trauma-informed care is helpful
  • Ability to discern, deal with or manage situations that may feel uncomfortable with our Guests including relapse, human frailty, hygiene problems, mental and emotional trauma, hostility, deceit, manipulation or other spiritual challenges
  • Humble with the ability to listen well and accept constructive feedback from ministry members

Additional Qualifications:

  • Upholding a close and growing relationship as a disciple of Jesus Christ

Apply Today:

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This position is: Part-Time and Full-Time NonExempt

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