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Housing alone will never solve homelessness.

A tiny community that will operate a wealth of on-site wraparound services for its live-in residents, including full food service, medical and mental health treatment, counseling, discipleship, and a community planner. This is for the most vulnerable, those that need supported independent living, assisted living, and end-of-life care.


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1Where is OurCommunity located?

OurCommunity is located on unincorporated land near Ferris, Texas.

2How big is the land and what does it look like?

The community will sit on 280 acres of land. All buildings will be on 120 acres of land. The remaining 150 acres will not be built on- it will be filled with trees, deer, cows, long horns, and three large ponds prime for fishing.

3Why is OurCommunity being built?

OurCommunity’s goal is to provide housing and a wealth of wrap-around services to allow the homeless community’s most vulnerable people (the disabled and elderly) to age with dignity.

Modeled after an assisted-living center, the community will have full food service, medical and mental health treatment, counseling, job training, discipleship and a community planner to ensure a fun and engaging environment for residents to enjoy.

4What will OurCommunity look like?

Much like a small town, OurCommunity will have a main street with a large cafeteria, coffee shop, chapel, laundry facility, gardens, workshops, and lounge area. Dozens of tiny home neighborhoods will surround these service buildings. Home sizes will vary between studios and two-bedroom homes. 20% of those living in the community will be Missionals. These residents have not experienced homelessness themselves but have been called to serve the men and women in this community and will act as mentors and community planners for their neighborhood.

5How large will OurCommunity be and how many individuals will live there?

Building will be completed in 3 phases.

Phase I will include service buildings, neighborhood support buildings, and 50 tiny homes.

Phase II will include 200 tiny homes.

Phase III will include an additional 250 tiny homes.

6Who will be eligible to live at OurCommunity?

Residents of OurCommunity will be previously homeless individuals from Dallas and Ferris, Texas. More specifically, this neighborhood is geared towards disabled and elderly individuals where they can age with dignity.

7Is OurCommunity considered transitional housing?

No, this will be permanent housing for the chronically homeless, specifically those who are disabled and elderly where they can age with dignity.

8Will it be free to live at OurCommunity?

OurCommunity is not free, however the cost of rent will remain very low. Individuals will be able to use their benefits to pay for their rent. Those who do not receive benefits will still be eligible to reside in the community. Residents will be able to give back to the community in a number of ways.

9When will OurCommunity be complete?

Our goal is to complete Phase 1 by the end of 2023.

10How much does this project cost?

Phase I of OurCommunity has begun with a $25 million capital campaign. It is important to note that OurCommunity, along with OurCalling operates 100% debt free. We do not start a building phase until all funds are raised.

11Who is funding the build of OurCommunity?

Individuals, foundations, corporations, and churches dedicated to helping the homeless community are funding the build of OurCommunity.

12Since you are a faith-based organization, will residents be required to participate in religious activities?

There will be no requirement to participate in any of our religious activities. Residents and volunteers of all faiths are welcome in our community.

13Will residents be able to come and go from the community?

Yes, just like your neighborhood, residents will be able to come and go. A private bus will run between Dallas and the community on a regular schedule to allow residents to travel and shop.

14I have a company or organization that would like to partner with OurCommunity.

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