Some People Love Us, Some Not So Much

We aren’t into self-help or glossing over problems. We don’t offer emotional band-aids, and we might ask you a question that you don’t want to answer.

This doesn’t win popularity contests. In fact, some days people don’t like us.
If you’re smoking crack every day and blaming the world for your problems, your biggest enemy might be yourself. If you come to us seeking help, you might not like the answer.

Our focus is discipleship. That means we are making disciples: followers of Jesus Christ. He is the solution, the standard and the model. A disciple of Christ will pursue Him, act like Him, talk like Him, seek righteousness and Holiness, purity and accountability.

The biggest problem with homelessness is not one’s physical address. There exists a level of dysfunction which is itself a spiritual condition.

Personal responsibility is a discipleship issue. We want to be closer to God, yet we continue to live a lifestyle that contradicts His teaching. You can’t complain about getting wet while dancing in a puddle of sin.


I often hear great stories of success from our homeless friends that are full of flattery and ridiculous ideas of greatness. I hate to be the bearer of bad news or a downer, but you are not the model of greatness. The goal is NOT for you to be a better version of yourself, the goal is for you to be like Christ.
Why do we forget the standard or ignore the measure?
We get so full of pride that we blind ourselves to reality.

“I’m doing good” might mean:

  • I’m using less drugs than I used to
  • I’m not beating my girlfriend as often
  • I pray each day, before I initiate my routine of drug deals and criminal mischief

We recently had a turncoat. One of our homeless friends used to tell everyone about us. He was very involved in the ministry, had made great progress in various areas of his life and loved to tell anyone how much he loved OurCalling. But as quickly as the weather changes in Texas, his opinion of us changed. He didn’t want anything to do with us and didn’t speak highly of us anymore. In fact, our messages to him were returned with hatred and obscenities.

What changed?

We ask tough questions. We probed into a sin area in his life that was beginning to train wreck his success. Our favorite response to our inquiry is when someone says “that’s none of your business.” In fact THAT is our ONLY business!

We ask about sin issues. We point out our own struggles and failures. We admit that we are not the model. Jesus is the model.

We fail, we fall, we get up and keep going in God’s direction. When you fall we are going to point out the stumbling blocks. Don’t get mad at us for wanting you to succeed. Don’t get angry when we recognize that YOU are the one placing the stumbling blocks in your way.

We aren’t judging – that’s God’s job. We aren’t condemning you – the enemy does that. We want you to succeed. If you are running a race, wouldn’t you want someone to notice (and point out) that your shoe is untied?

We want you to succeed in your relationship with God. That’s the only “win” we are after.