North Texas Giving Day

Every dollar given will be matched 1:1 up to $80,000!

Who we are

We provide critical, life-saving services to our community. But Covid-19 has made it harder for us. And especially harder for our fellow citizens who are living on the street. We’ve joined forces with every major service provider in Dallas in order to address hunger, homelessness and more. But there’s still room for you to help.

Who we help

In a word, anyone who needs it. But we know that women have an especially hard time, which is why we’ve opened our new Women’s Center, dedicated to helping women get out of an often abusive life. Get them off the street. And get them back on their feet. It’s not that we love women more. It’s that they could use a little more love.

Through a passionate network of volunteers and partners, we’re facilitating change that impacts lives.

How you can help

Literally, with anything you can give. Every bit counts. Mail Checks to P.O. Box 140428 Dallas TX 75214.

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