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Who We Are

OurCalling is a Christian nonprofit organization, providing solutions for the unsheltered homeless community. Our mission is to provide long-term sustainable exit strategies while maintaining long-term relationships to ensure accountability and integrity.

How We Help

At OurCalling, we work with our homeless neighbors Monday through Saturday and provide a number of programs and offerings to help individuals live a healthy and sustainable life off the streets. Our programs and offerings include:

  • Outreach Center – OurCalling operates a facility near downtown Dallas where over 300 homeless men, women, and children come each business day. We have created a space for 25 other organizations to come and offer specialized services, including medical, mental health, VA, SNAP, ID services, COVID vaccines, housing providers, along with many others. We also offer laundry, showers, clothing resources, food, phone charging stations, free WiFi, and more.
  • Church – We offer weekly church services, small groups, bible studies, and life skill classes.
  • Diversion – Our diversion team is specialized in identifying and creating tailor-made solutions to help individuals get off the street. These solutions can include: moving the homeless into housing, shelters, rehabilitation centers, detox treatment centers, and diversion programs to reunite families.
  • Search & Rescue – Our Search & Rescue teams engage the unsheltered homeless population who are living under bridges, in woods, behind liquor stores, in drug houses, and within abandoned buildings. They drive around Dallas and visit over 1,200 homeless encampments every year. As an extension of our onsite team, Search & Rescue has the ability to offer exit opportunities to our homeless neighbors we meet on the street.
  • Technology – We have created 5 unique platforms and apps that are used at OurCalling, other homeless agencies, and individuals throughout the country. Most notable is the OurCalling app – a public app that uses your location to identify and suggest the closest homeless resources to you such as: local shelters, hospitals, food pantries, domestic abuse shelters, and VA offices.

How You Can Help

You can give by clicking the donate button above or below. All donations made before or on September 23rd will be matched 1 for 1 up to $100,000. For further questions about making a donation please call (214) 444-8796 ext. 3 or email .

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