Manager of Security Services

JOB TITLE: Manager of Security Services


The Ministry:

OurCalling is a discipleship ministry specifically focused on the homeless community and we operate an outreach center for the homeless community near downtown Dallas. We are passionate about loving and helping the unsheltered homeless transition to better lives. We are a faith-based, discipleship ministry where every job is a ministry position. While everyone on the team wears multiple hats, our primary function is evangelism and discipleship. We want everything that we do to point toJesus. We expect and serve 300-500 guests daily, with 90% of those being unsheltered homeless individuals. We are a “no-barrier” facility that is welcoming and compassionate to all who enter.

Job Summary:

Reporting to the Director of Operations the Manager of Security Services (MSS) is a member of the ministry leadership team and is responsible for maintaining an environment conducive to safety. The MSS and their security team are the “first-responders” to any threat including proactively removing threats and protecting our clients from bad actors and predatory behaviors. Responsibilities also include establishing within the ministry appropriately trained security personnel, all security protocols, procedures, and support systems including technology, in a manner that is consistent with the mission of our ministry “to love our neighbors as ourselves.”

General Responsibilities:

  • Plan, coordinate, implement, supervise and evaluate safety strategy and procedures, activities and regulations of the OurCalling ministry operations, including facility-based and public work outside of our facility
  • Coordinate safety as a liaison between the ministry and key public and private community stakeholders including, the city’s first-responders, other similar ministries and services, neighborhood organizations, businesses, medical and governmental agencies
  • Protect guests, staff, volunteers, and visitors on premises and during entry and exiting off of the property
  • Hire, supervise and train 2 FTE (up to 5 part-time) security guards to level three security standards
  • Provide regular security training programs and materials, including de-escalation techniques, first aid, CRP, and defibrillator training for guards, general staff, search-rescue-street outreach teams, and volunteers
  • Ensure that facility’s physical premises comply with fire safety and all public, city and state regulatory codes
  • Review and report regularly, performance measurements and effectiveness of security activities, incidents, solutions and proposed changes, and consult with ministry leadership regarding any changes or issues
  • Ensure that all staff are in compliance with their mandated certifications and licenses

Skills / Experience / Qualifications:

  • Candidate must be a leader who demonstrates maturity, inspires confidence, is approachable, and is supportive of and highly motivated, by the OurCalling mission
  • A minimum of 5-years’ experience with at least 1-year of supervisory experience in a similar security or law enforcement position
  • Sensitivity and awareness while working with homeless and vulnerable populations
  • A clear track record demonstrating “personal initiative” in previous professional roles
  • Experience in staff development, budget and resource management, organization and planning skills, communications skills, an effective listener, and highly resourceful
  • Has demonstrable record of exercising sound judgement while working in ambiguous, and fast-moving environment
  • Ability to meet physical requirements of the job that entail protection of all individuals within the ministry’s boundaries
  • This position will be required to work some Saturdays and evenings, to accommodate the ministry schedule
  • Other Personal Characteristics: A spirit of excellence, a desire for professional growth, generosity, a self-starter who is actively pursuing people and a relationship with Jesus Christ

Apply Today:

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