How to respond to a storm

OurCalling was without power yesterday: no coffee, no breakfast, no lights. The staff met with people in our parking lot, passing out bottles of water, sandwiches and fresh fruit. It wasn’t our plan, but after a storm you do what you can with the resources you have.
It sounds trite, but that’s the storm that led many people to first experience homelessness. A thunderous loss of a job, or a lightning diagnosis that leaves one stunned and confused; it doesn’t take much to break the limbs of your support network and send you crashing to the streets. So how should we respond? Should we come to the aid of our brothers in need? Should we take the resources we have and creatively assist with rebuilding broken lives and a broken home life?
Yes – that’s our calling. We are in the business of running to the aid of others and reaching out with the love of Christ. God is the rescuer and restorer. He makes all things new. Our job is to show up, be faithful, and obey His calling.