How to find a missing person

I meet many homeless men and women who are searching for lost loved ones. One guy hasn’t seen his family in years and only has a name to search with. Another has an old address that the family once lived at, but has since moved from.

How do you search for a missing person?

There are a tons of web searches and services that allow you to pay a premium to find people. Google only goes so far and old records are even harder to come by.

I am asking because I can’t find the answer. I need a search tool that allows us to search by various criteria. Sometimes we know a name, an age and an area of the country. Sometimes we have more or even less information to go by. I want to be able to contact the family and ask them if they want to have contact with their missing relative. Sometimes people are hard to find because they don’t want to be found. Sometimes the search is difficult because people keep poor records and don’t update their address.

If you know of any service that can help us, please pass the information along. Comment on this post or shoot me an email.