Housing for the Homeless


Introducing the new OurCalling housing model…

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For over a decade, OurCalling has been serving our most vulnerable neighbors, the unsheltered homeless population. Now we look to change how they have been identified – from “unsheltered homeless population” to “neighbor”.

This community will be a tiny home village, modeled after an assisted-living center with a wealth of wrap-around services available to its residents. These services include full food service, medical and mental health treatment, counseling, job training, discipleship, and a community planner to ensure a fun and engaging environment for our previously homeless residents to enjoy.

We began dreaming and planning this housing plan for many years. It has been in the heart and vision of our Founder, Pastor Wayne Walker. This housing plan is designed to give its residents more than just a space to live. It is a place to become healthy, and to grow in community; it is a place to relax and to play, to connect with vital physical health resources, and a place to experience and grow in faith.

When we turn the first key, and our first resident walks through the door, we envision that we will hear a deep exhale of relief as they enter into their forever home.

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