Homeless Heroes

Meet the Homeless Heroes of Dallas!

Meet our first Homeless Hero, Indio!

homeless hero, man in hat

He may be the hero of our grounds here at OurCalling, but he also saves the day with his ginormous smile and encouraging fist bumps! The more you get to know Indio, the more you understand what the phrase “half glass full” truly means when said by a man who has conquered many battles. From meeting Indio around 10 years ago under a bridge, OurCalling has been able to become a sidekick to this amazing hero. His passion for flowers, plants, and keeping God’s natural masterpiece tidy and neat came from years in this grandmothers garden. As a little boy, you would find Indio admiring wildflowers in his hands that he had picked for the simple beauty. Still homeless, he serves by using this passion to keep OurCalling’s outside neatly manicured every day. While he is the hero of our grounds here at OC, he is also a hero that fights with only a smile. He knows the importance of friendship and love, that he could only understand by first finding it through the Lord bringing freedom. From a history of heavy drug use, this three year sober, teddy bear of a hero simply says, “We are out here to love and take care of each other. If we’re not doing that, who is?!” Indio is a hero and an example of transformation that can only happen when we accept the love of God. Only that love brings us true joy, strength, and peace in the midst of any circumstance or stronghold. For Indio, it was all about acceptance, “He’s always been there for me, I just finally accepted His love for me”.

This is the change that can happen when you become the sidekick to these Homeless Heroes. Everyday we have the honor to walk with these heroes that can’t and shouldn’t do it alone. And we can’t do it alone either, which is why we need YOU to get up and give on #NTxGivingDay2019 so we can fight more battles alongside the amazing Homeless Heroes at OurCalling.