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DR. THOMAS RENARD, M.D. is a physician specializing in pediatric surgery. Actively involved in several ministries in Dallas, Tom understands the value of personal relationships, and is an excellent facilitator at OurCalling. He is a capable teacher and loves to minister to and encourage our staff as they build into the hearts and minds of our homeless friends. He brings his wife to OurCalling, and they serve together often. Board certified in Pediatric Surgery; and has served on the OurCalling board since 2016. – Board Chair, • (214) 696-9131 • 3313 Drexel Drive, Dallas, TX 75205 – Church: Reunion Church

CHRIS DANCE Has been serving the homeless at OurCalling for several years. He formerly served as the Chairman of the OurCalling board. He is a dedicated husband, father of three boys, and very involved in local outreach. Chris is a valuable mentor among homeless men at OurCalling. Chris is a Financial Consultant (self employed)]; and has served since 2008 on board (founding member) • (214) 346-9289 • 11453 W. Ricks Circle, Dallas, TX 75230-3035 – Church: Northwest Bible Church

CHRIS SIMMONS is a long-time South Dallas pastor who understands felt needs better than most. Overseeing a ministry which provides meals, healthcare, transitional housing, youth programs, and assistance to the homeless, Chris brings a wealth of experience and compassion to OurCalling. Chris eagerly engages OC’s homeless community, and capably offers guidance and insights to OurCallings programming and outreach. Chris is the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church; and joined the OurCalling board in 2017 – • 214-426-5468 • 1819 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Dallas, TX 7521 – Church: Cornerstone Baptist Church

MELISSA ASH has been instrumental in OurCalling’s mentoring program. She loves to meet with the homeless women at OC and proactively seeks ways to invest in the lives of our female guests. Melissa is happily married and has four children that often serve with her. Melissa is an active community volunteer; and joined the OurCalling board in 2014 – • 469-877-5842 • 1871 County Rd 2218, Caddo Mills, TX 75135 – Church: Centerpoint Mesquite

AMY WOOD has been a significant part of OurCalling’s volunteer leadership for several years. She thrives in a teaching role, and has taught women’s studies at OurCalling since 2010. Active in her community, Amy is married to an evangelical pastor (Neighborhood Church, Garland, TX), has two young daughters, and brings her family to serve at OurCalling frequently. Amy is a active community volunteer; and joined the OurCalling board in 2017. • (214) 802-0309 • 1011 Pacific Drive, Richardson, TX 75081 – Church: The Neighborhood Church

CHRIS RODRIGUEZ joined OurCalling’s board in 2018. Chris started volunteering with OurCalling in 2012. He is enjoying the blessings of being newly married. He is passionate about sharing his faith in his own backyard as well as around the world. He is the Mission’s Director at Reunion Church. • 9724897862 • 6003 Lewis St, Dallas, TX 75206 – Church: Reunion Church

JOHN JOHNSON first got involved with OurCalling in 2009. John retired from Allianz Global Investors after 29 years as Managing Director. He has also served on the board of the Dallas Life Foundation. Currently John serves on the board and is a Director at Highland Copper, and has done so since 2012. John and his wife Bettye have been married since 1964, and had two children. John joined the OurCalling board in 2018 • (214) 969-9039 • 3131 Maple Avenue Apt 13C, Dallas, TX 75201 – Church: Northwest Bible Church

WAYNE WALKER serves as OurCalling’s Executive Director and Pastor. He is a devoted husband and father of four children. He has a master’s degree in Cross Cultural Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary. Wayne has been involved with outreach for almost nineteen years, the last thirteen of which have been focused on the homeless. As the founder and visionary for OurCalling, he champions and models its core cause, invites dialog and cooperates with other homeless-oriented service partners, and plans the organization’s programs and strategies for the present and future. [OurCalling Staff; Program Chair, board member since 2008 (founding member)] -4021 Whiterock Trail, Garland, TX 75043 – Church: Centerpoint Mesquite


Financial Information


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