Dallas—Don’t Be Divisive. It’s Time to Work Together

We are in an unparalleled time in our history, where the challenges before us require a commitment to steadfast determination and resolve. And in this moment when we need each other the most, some respond with divisive bickering, complaining and finger pointing.

We have a tent city and it is huge. We have never before seen this concentration of a homeless population. The amount of trash in the area is underscored by the sounds of the wounded, as assaults on personal liberty and safety ring the loudest bell. We as a city are concerned, scared and overly critical. It’s time that we stop whining and condemning each other, and stand together in a united front to fight for the rights and safety of our most vulnerable population. All of the citizens in Dallas are important. Those that try to live and work downtown, and those that sleep on our streets are all important. They are our neighbors. We are a family, and now more than ever we need each other.

One board member of a shelter says “we’re the only one’s doing it right.”
One neighbor says “the police are doing nothing.”
One church member says “we’re the only one’s doing anything.”
One group says “those downtown people are so cruel and hateful.”
One mayor says “shame on all of us.”

It’s time for us to stop fighting among ourselves and acknowledge that we can’t solve these problems without each other. It’s sad that we live in a city where people would rather point and complain about each other than sit down together and listen.

We’ve never been in this situation. I’m sure we’ll make some mistakes, but we will tackle these problems together.

  • DPD is doing a great job. This is a new reality for them and they are handling it with utmost professionalism and grace. #backtheblue
  • The Shelters are all working on expansion ideas. They are each shouldering the burden, as they have been for years.
  • The City’s Leaders are concerned. They are bringing together the brightest minds to collectively create sustainable solutions to these complex problems.
  • The Neighbors are organizing. Around issues like these, residents are sharing ideas and collectively supporting the city and the nonprofits doing the work.

Now more than ever, we need each other. Stop complaining and start cooperating. Pray for wisdom and provision as these challenges will require an ample supply of both.