OurCalling's 5th Annual Thanksgiving Day Event


Our 2013 Thanksgiving event was a total success. Local families hosted tables, fed the hungry, washed tired feet, gave new shoes, socks, coats and blankets and then sat and played games while watching Football. God was glorified and the Body of Christ reached out to show His love. Last year we hosted over 1,000 homeless and volunteers. All of the food was graciously provided by Norma’s Cafe in Oak Cliff. Donations of coats and blankets came in from all over the DFW area, and excess donations were distributed from or cafe and warehouse in the weeks following.

Take a look as some of the photos below to get an idea of what happens at Thanksgiving with OurCalling:


For the past few years, Norma’s Cafe in Oak Cliff has provided all the food for our Thanksgiving Day event. For 2014, we asked them how we could thank them, and they suggested we donate children’s books. Norma’s has all kinds of community partners, including the Nancy J. Cochran Elementary School in Dallas, and the cafe wants to provide those children in second through fifth grade with lots of reading material. So if you have books that are sitting around and need to be read, we’d love to have you drop them off at OurCalling (500 S Haskell), and we’ll deliver them for you!