Just as a lighthouse warns of the rocks ahead and points the lost to safety, our vision is to help people discover the reasons for their condition and the resources to live beyond their challenges. Jesus came to heal the sick. As His ambassadors we exist as healing individuals, pointing the sick to the surgeon, those lost in the darkness to the Light of Jesus Christ.

 Unprecedented unemployment levels have led to a sharp and painful rise in homelessness and poverty. Substance abuse, mental illness, emotional stress, and domestic violence amplify the problems of those with economic troubles. For those who want treatment and recovery, the resources are scarce. The streets are dark and there remains a void of positive spiritual influence. Shelters provided services within their walls, but for the majority of the people on the streets there is little hope and few who will help. The problems of the homeless are huge, but the reasons for their plight point the same condition — they are broken.

We want to help individuals understand their condition and to focus on Jesus Christ for answers. We employ the methods of proven 12-step recovery, mentoring, and Bible studies to acknowledge that the root of our problem is sin, and apart from Christ we can do nothing. As we meet spiritual needs we will also serve as a referral service to local shelters, churches, and other service agencies.

We want to help homeless men and women address the reasons for their chronic condition:

  • Why can’t you keep a job or maintain work ethics?
  • Why are your relationships broken and how can you begin reconciliation?
  • Why is your addiction winning, and how can you begin recovery?
  • Why is your anger, fear, and stress uncontrollable and how can you begin to live beyond it?
  • What does God think about your condition, and how can you begin to restore your broken relationship with Him?
  • Why do you exist and for what purpose did God create you?

We have been blessed with a facility just east of downtown where we can provide open Bible studies everyday for anyone who walks in the door, as well as mentoring opportunities for individuals to discover their God-given potential. We want to provide these resources to the poor and those who are least likely to have access to quality lifestyle coaching.